Sunday January 10, 2021- Hello everyone, and happy new year to you all! We have finally made it past 2020, and into 2021! This new year also marks the 15th anniversary of Tehmodhjin and me embarking on this artistic journey! 

15 years- 5 albums, 1 book, 2 hoodie designs, 1 EP, a youtube channel and much much more potential to grow and expand. 

There of course will be numerous goodies and events happening this year so make sure you check this page often. 

I have also decided to make this website the new "hub" of any and all things Tehmodhjin. Any one social media website has its own limits and rules, and in almost all cases, can only be seen by people who are members of those particular sites. By making this website "home base" for Tehmodhjin activity, it makes everything much more seamless and centered.  

The links to any and all relevant Tehmodhjin sites, including where to find or listen to the music can now be found on the "Contact/Links" page.  

Hopefully, within the first quarter of 2021, the Tehmodhjin webstore will be up and running as well. Possibly on this website, possibly not...that choice hasn't been made yet.  

There are a ton more updates that will made in the coming weeks and months, so please check back often, hails! 

Tuesday December 1, 2020- Hello all once again, been more than a year since this website was first constructed and since then, we have all experienced the "great pandemic" of 2020, which has thrown a lot of plans on their head, as well as put the whole world into a whirlwind of somewhat non-activity. During that time though, Tehmodhjin has been hard at work on many various projects including: 

-The 5th album, "DUNYA" which has taken a long time to record and engineer, but is finally seeing the recording process slowly coming to a halt. Originally expected to be released in 2020, this album will now be released sometime in 2021. 

-Tehmodhjin's first book/compendium, STILLNESS, has now been completed after 5 years of writing and is a pivotal explanation and exploration of Seth Bodhan's life from 2005-2020, and how this key 15 year period produced the first four Tehmodhjin albums, released respectively in 2009, 2011, 2014 and 2016. The book melds Seth's life experiences, lyrics from all 4 albums, along with liner notes, interviews and tons of photographs taken by Seth Bodhan all over the world. (These photos will be available as prints very soon!)  

-Tehmodhjin's first EP and 6th release, STILLNESS EP, is currently being recorded, mixed and mastered by Seth Bodhan in his new home studio, Samvara Studios. The EP is an exclusive release that will come with the aforementioned STILLNESS book, and contains 4 brand new songs and 4 re-recordings of old, classic Tehmodhjin songs.  

-All four of Tehmodhjin's past 4 albums are currently being re-mixed and re-mastered and will be available again for digital purchase in the first quarter of 2021.  

-Tehmodhjin's official youtube channel can be viewed and visited here: 

-Tehmodhjin's webstore is currently under production as well, and details will follow as soon as possible. 

 As described above, the year 2020 has not been an idle one, yet everything does take a lot longer due to Seth Bodhan being the only real driving force behind the Tehmodhjin project. But there are bigger things to come and the project seems to be getting a second wind after the first 15 years of this project mainly being relegated to the "bedroom studio" and not the world at large, but starting 2021, that is all about to change! 

Hails, thanks for your support and stay tuned!!